News of the Society


The British-Yemeni Society has been observing with concern the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen over the past months.  The Society is especially aware of the plight of the families and friends of our members in the country.  As a response to the continued crisis it has decided to contribute £2,000 of its own funds in support of the Yemen Crisis Appeal.  Out of the five humanitarian agencies that are currently working on the ground in the country, the Society will divide its donation equally between the International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent and the Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The Society  would like to invite BYS members to support its efforts and to this end it is kindly asking members to contribute on top of this donation by sending their cheques made payable to The British-Yemeni Society, to the Hon Secretary Ms Audrey Allfree in the following address: 210 Stephendale Road, London SW6 2PP, or hand them over to her personally at one of the upcoming events. For every pound donated the Society can reclaim 25 pence gift aid. We would like to ask members who have not yet done so, and are UK tax payers, to sign the relevant form which the Hon Secretary can provide, or can be downloaded from our current website.

The BYS committee would like to acknowledge the significant support our members and their friends have given to similar appeals over the years (e.g. for the Soqotra Training Centre), and is hoping that members will contribute generously.