The British-Yemeni Society has over the years supported the work of a number of Yemeni organisations that focus in the provision of health services to local communities throughout the country. Either through a Christmas Appeal, individual members' initiatives, or after being approahed by the organisations themselves, the Society identifies worthy causes for the allocation of its surplus funds every year. Below is a list of the various donations it has made over the years. 

1998 Christmas Appeal Health & Culture Centre in Sana'a £ 1,000
1999  al-Noor Centre for the Blind & Disabled in al-Mukalla £ 2,735
2002 Yemen Development Fund £ 745
2007 Yemen Education & Relief Organisation (YERO) £ 750
2007 Yemen Smile  £ 1,000
2008 The Rachel James Medical Project  £ 2,417
2009 Health & Culture Centre in Sana'a £ 500
2011 Bir Ahmad Clinic (purchase of a generator) £ 500
2013 Yemen Education & Relief Organisation (YERO) £ 1,000



Members of the Society visit the premises of the al-Noor Centre for the Blind and Disabled in al-Mukalla (2002).