Mahra update (via Zoom)

25/03/2021 - 17:00
Saeed Almahari, Dr Noel Brehony, Elana De Lozier, Ahmed Naji
Venue: Virtual meeting, by Zoom

Thursday, 25th March 2021 at 5pm

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Panel update: ‘What’s happening in Al-Mahrah Governorate in Yemen now?’

Moderated by Taher Qassim, Vice Chair of The British-Yemeni Society 

Ahmed Nagi - Nonresident scholar at the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut.
Elana DeLozier - Works for the Rubin Family Fellow in the Bernstein Program on Gulf and Energy Policy at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, specialises in Yemen, Gulf states, nuclear weapons and proliferation. 
Noel Brehony - Has followed events in Yemen since serving as diplomat in Aden in the early years of the PDRY. His book, Yemen Divided, is a history of the PDRY and he has edited or co-edited five other books on Yemen – the latest co-edited with Amat Alsoswa will be published in 2021. He is an honorary Vice President and former Chair of the British Yemeni Society and is Chair of the International Association for the Study of Arabia.