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As a charity, the British–Yemeni Society depends on the annual membership fees of its members and on donations from generous individuals to fund its activities, including the organisation of lectures and conferences, the publication of its journal, and the support of humanitarian projects in Yemen. Currently, the membership of the Society stands at about 300 members. After more than twenty years of continuous operation, the BYS has become a well-respected bilateral friendship society attracting individuals not only from Britain and Yemen, but anyone with a personal interest in the country. This includes diplomats, academics, business people, artists, travellers as well as people who have lived and worked in Yemen, and members of the Yemeni community in the UK.

By joining the Society you will not only be supporting its valuable work but you will also enjoy access to its regular lectures and briefings, the receipt of its Journal covering an array of topics from the past and present of Yemen, along with the opportunity to socialise and meet fellow Yemen-enthusiasts. The Society offers three different membership options; ordinary, student, and corporate. To become a member please download the membership form. After filling it in, please return it by post to the Membership Secretary, Dr Robert Wilson, at the following address: Kellers, Duck Street, Wendens Ambo, Essex, CB11 4JU, United Kingdom. You can also send the forms electronically by e-mail to:

We have recently moved to a new bank account.  If you would like to join B-YS, please complete the Membership Application form and send it to the Membership Secretary, and set up your payment with your bank as advised on the Standing Order form.  If you wish to pay your subscription by some other method, please contact the Membership secretary.  Our subscription year is from 15 January.  Existing members: there is no immediate need to change your standing orders to the new (Clydesdale) bank.  Instructions will be circulated in due course.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM (with Standing Order form/Payment details)

You can pay through the bank, or by PayPal/credit or debit card using the buttons below.



Membership Rates:

Ordinary Member: £20 per annum

Student Member: £10 per annum

Corporate Member: £100 per annum

Please remember that you should make your payment in one of the  following ways: complete the banker's order section of the application and take or send it to your bank; set up your payment or standing order on line using the details on the form; pay by PayPal or credit card using the buttons below, or enclose a cheque payable to the British–Yemeni Society with your application. 


Subscription Rate
Ordinary £20.00 GBPStudent £10.00 GBPCorporate £100.00 GBP